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Booking Guide: 

READINGS/CHANNELINGS -- Please add your questions in the 'ADD YOUR MESSAGE' section. You do not need to provide any information other than your question(s) and names. You may also provide DOB or a short note but it is not necessary. Keep it short as I prefer not to have too much information.

HEALING/ENERGY ADJUSTMENTS -- Please add your area of focus/concern in the 'ADD YOUR MESSAGE' section. We will further discuss everything prior to a session and coordinate a date/time.

There are No Refunds for any service. However, you can transfer/gift your booking to someone in place of a cancellation.

The booking calendar confirms your booking ONLY, not the time slot. 

Currently only doing readings by email. Only coaching sessions can be by phone at this time.

Response will be provided within 7-14 days, sometimes sooner.

Any legal and medical questions are excluded. 



Payment Methods Accepted:

  • Credit/Debit

  • Affirm - Buy Now, Pay Later

  • Venmo: @Francesca-nc  -- Can also select "Offline Payment" at check out to complete booking on site.

  • Cash App: $Francesca723 -- Select "Offline Payment" at check out. (Send screenshot confirmation via your booking confirmation email.)



MINI READING  (Limit 1 Question) -- It will provide information you may need at this time, quick check in, you have no specific questions or not sure where to start. I do provide a fair amount of information.

GENERAL READING: (Limit 1 Question): Similar to a mini reading but gives a little more information.

IN DEPTH READINGS (Limit 4 questions) will provide information in one or multiple areas you would like a deeper look into.



Energy sessions can be done in person and long distance.  You can coordinate a time you will be available to lay down at home while I complete it, but is not required. Send recent photo after booking. I will focus on concerns you brings to my attention, and the rest is anything else you are in need of whether you are aware of it or not.

Energy adjustments can help you remove/realign different things in your life at different times depending on what you're going through. Changes can start right away, over time, or a blend of both. Sometimes things can pause for a time or completely dismantle before it can come together, etc...  It is natural to question it, feel resistant, like not enough is happening, feel impatient or even confused. There is no one single formula for how you experience it and what is necessary.

Very often during these sessions, I receive visions and information. So, you may combine this service with a reading if you think you will have a lot of questions. Some clients do fall asleep. This is normal and does not interfere. Think of it like a massage. If anything, it allows you to be more relaxed and download new information into your consciousness. You can tailor your environment to your comfort for the session.


RECCOMENDATION FOR FIRST TIME SESSION: Often times, people do not know where to start. Doing a reading before a healing session can help the client clarify what they want/need to focus on and if a session would be appropriate.


In this session, I connect with your spiritual guides/teachers who have more than likely been with you since birth. Spirit guides and ascended masters were once in human form and have evolved through life times to assist those who are on the Earth plane. 

I can also connect to Arch Angels and Guardians. will communicate information that is needed at the moment and answer questions that pertain to them.  


A channeling that is specific to your ancestors only.  Many people feel a deep connection

to their ancestral lineages even if they do not have names and specific information. They tend to feel an intuitive pull to connect and/or work, with their ancestors to heal generational lines. You can request who you would like to connect to, but ultimately the spirits/ancestors will come in as necessary.


This reading is customized for you in 1 or more area of choice for the coming month or year. (Example: career, love, family). 


This is for those who are just discovering and/or have difficulty understanding, connecting, and using their gifts. You can book sessions anytime up to 1 hour to discuss progress or questions. These sessions can be done via email or phone.


This is a donation based service. I do not charge, but you may donate any amount if you wish after completion.

This is a specialty service that is not very common or familiar to most. It focuses on those have negative entities, spirits and/or negative spiritual work (dark magic) attached to them. I am able to discern, feel, see, and hear negative entities (human, non-human).

 This is not limited to a one time session. It can be different for each person. I do not need to use any type of ritual or physical tools to conduct a tracking or removal. I will work with you through the process as needed.

For more information/booking, please inquire via email. I offer a free consultation to assess your situation.

I offer free consultation because sometimes people may think someone is doing spiritual work on them when it is actually a life lesson they are in the middle of learning and/or they are creating their own problems. 


This is a specialty service that focuses on extreme loss and disconnect from their soul and core of who they truly are. It is something we all experience in varied degrees at some point in life.

 There can be a multitude of reasons people experience this. Through extreme depression, stress, anger, trauma, sorcery  (more common than you think), etc. Sometimes it can be quite literal from negative spiritual interference where a person loses complete connection of body and spirit. This leaves you open to a lot of damage if you do not understand or realize what is occurring. This can go on through generations. 

You only book ONCE for this service (unless you book for another reason in the future). It is not limited to a one time session. 

 The process can be different for each person. I will go into spiritual realm/deep meditation and work with angels, guides, ascended masters, ancestors (whatever is necessary for the individual) and continue to work with you through the process as needed.

For more information/booking, please inquire via email. I offer a free consultation to assess your situation. 


There is no "magic pill" or instant result to your spiritual pathway. Just like any facet of life -- It is your free will, faith, determination and hard work that will present your results. I will not ever guarantee you anything. I will work with you and do what I can to provide tools and assist. I can give you tools, lead you to the door, but you are the key. It is important to remember that your ability to heal, reconnect, evolve and honor your God given power is that of your own. And no one can diminish that if you do not allow it.



Any service from Native Conscious or information provided on this website is not intended to be used for any type of diagnosis, treatment, or cure. For serious conditions, consult an appropriate medical care professional.  In no event can Native Conscious be liable in any way directly or indirectly for damages, injury, personal, emotional, psychological, financial or otherwise, which you may incur arising at any time out of or in relation to your use of any services or the information presented on this website. By continuing to explore this website, you represent you have read, understand and agree to all of the above.

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