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 I am a multi-generation/natural born shaman, seer, healer, spirit discerner, and teacher. I have been working with my God given gifts for 22+ years. My journey began at a very young age with visions/dreams. This later lead into hands on/language healing, spiritual discernment, channeling, etc. It evolves into new areas as I get older. I have been largely guided by my native ancestors more than anything who often came to my dreams as a child to speak, teach and remind me. 

I have been working with people young and old. Not many people knew about it unless I was supposed to work with them. But as the years went on and society evolved -- many avenues and platforms have become available for spiritual workers. I never intended to create anything out of it. I just enjoyed it. At one point in my mid/late 20's, I  stopped doing any spiritual work. Until one day, spirit ultimately led me back (almost forced. I say that humorously) into my path. Your calling is not always something you chase or accept. Sometimes it chases you.

Athletics and music were a large part of my life that I loved. It helped me exercise a lot of my energies, as well as feel some sense of blending in with kids my age. My early careers were mostly in some form of business/management, sales, fashion and health in varied industries -- which I still do in some compacity. So, I have a had a variety of experiences.

However, the desire to help others along their path in life has always out shined any endeavors. It is my greatest passion, and what I consider my destiny. It is the most fulfilling experience.

My work focuses on assisting and guiding people through traumas, health, spiritual protection, blockages. As well as coaching to break through everyday mental, emotional, and spiritual barriers. I have varied abilities but my overall specialty is reconnecting the core of the soul, dream work and working with the deep end of shamanism (dealing with dark entities/spaces). I am not someone that only subscribes to love and light. We are also required to walk through dark alleys that will allow us the new space once we've overcome difficult lessons. 


I am very passionate and believe in teaching others discernment, understanding/discovering their own healing ability, to recognize their personal power, knowledge, connecting to our Creator, and who they are. At the end of the day, I believe we are all equipped with our own gifts. And they are to be nurtured, shared with others, and be treated with a sacred respect. 


The name was inspired by my Pacific Islander/Native American heritage. I also have European mixes. Although, I have incorporated all parts into my life and love them all. My whole life I have resonated more with the native aspects. It was a way of life and voice that spoke within me long before I understood it. It made it's way into my daily life effortlessly. I would naturally be drawn to certain things. People would be brought into my path. The path quite literally chased me in my dreams until I took heed.


 The overall meaning is to understand and at times rediscover, ground and become more aware of ourselves. To connect who we are inherently from within. Sometimes that is a sliding scale. Before we are exposed to and influenced by the world. Parts of us that tend to get drowned out and forgotten. My ultimate goal in my work is to reunite the foundation for each person. To live at the greatest capacity possible.


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